In this section, undergraduate students can find anything regarding modules that are being presented in this laboratory.


During this module sessions, basic concepts of object-oriented programming, using the language Java, will be discussed and practiced. Participant students are expected to build their own autonomous, as well as web applications using Java. Module description includes introductory lessons about object-oriented programming logic, specialization into simple Java coding, as well as application design steps. A range of examples are drawn and implemented extracted electrical systems, or modeled from the real world.


This module aims to present basic methods about designing, implementing, and finally setting in production a complex software application. Module description includes basic concepts of software engineering, followed by specialization in object-oriented analysis and implementation. Completing this module, participant students will have practical experience regarding the creation of complex software projects.


This module aims to highlight the design, deploy and administrating techniques of Relational Databases Systems using advanced tools and applications.


This module aims to highlight the social dimension of Information Technology. Module description includes focusing on legal codes (National,European , International) and practices regarding computing systems, In addition, Regulatory Authorities which are related with IT (European Commission, Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission - EETT, Hellenic Authority for the Information and Communication Security and Privacy - ADAE, etc.) are thoroughly discussed. Topic of interest will be the data privacy in the field of Communications and Internet, moral and ethic codes, as well as and Democracy in Information Society.

Information Society GrNET