Undergraduate Dissertations

1 Garbis Katalin Konstantinos March 2005
  "Client/Server application using .NET technology for management, control, testing and marketing business products through the internet"
2 Leoutsakos Zacharias - Petrou Marina June 2005
  "Apache configuration using Visual Basic"
3 Triantafyllou konstantinos - Soulios Dimitrios March 2006
  "A Helpdesk System application"
4 Goumas Panagiotis September 2006
  "Smart search engine into a molecular biology data base"
5 Giannopoulos Dimitris - Michalopoulos Nikos September 2006
  "Fiber Optic as a way of transmitting information and its use in modern telecommunications networks"
6 Kalogridaki Eleytheria July 2007
  "Client/Server services over mobile phone implemented with Java technology
Case Study: Module registration of Electronic Computing Systems Dept., using a mobile phone"
7 Moustakas Nikolaos September 2007
  "Software design and development with Java for Instant Messaging using SIP techniques"
8 Xestrernos Xrysostomos September 2007
  "VoIP software design and development using SIP techniques "
9 Papageorgios Theodoros March 2008
  "Performance Evaluation of VoIP service in a WAN"
10 Paliopoulos Apostolos - Papanagiotou Panagiotis June 2008
  "Design and development of Software Engineering Laboratory website"
11 Kokkonas Eleytherios - Paraskeyopoulos Petros October 2008
  "Learning and Human resources platform management"
12 Kladou Magdalini January 2009
  "Security on e-Commerce"
13 Mageiros Leonardos - Vergopoulos Konstantinos March 2009
  "A.P.I. design and development for administrating domain names based on E.P.P. protocol.
Case Study: Applicable on co.gr and .gr domains "
14 Aravantinos Spyros June 2009
  "Corporate applications and charting using Spring and Hibernate framework with Java"
15 Fragoulis Theofanis June 2009
  "DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM [management and assignment domain names to the internet]"
16 Tsesmelis Theodoros September 2009
  "Development of a LINUX distribution adapted in the needs of E.C.S department"
17 Rizopoulos Antonios - Tsioutsiourigas Dimitrios October 2009
  "Security evaluation of e-mail distribution systems"
18 Andriopoulos Panagiotis January 2010
  "Vague Ontologies Management Systems"
19 Vamvakas Pavlos - Papaxristopoulos Georgios January 2010
  "Legislative and regulatory parameters for the protection of intellectual property in the digital world"
20 Nianios Vasileios March 2010
  "Internet Crime"
21 Kalatzis Georgios - Papageorgiou Georgios June 2010
  "Developing an advanced application for remote monitoring of a data network, using object oriented logic"
22 Vlachakis Emmanouil - Oikonomakis Spiridon July 2010
  "Developing an advanced application for presenting & intergrating a LDAP database, using Web 2.0"
23 Apostolidou Eirini November 2010
  "Voice over IPv6"
24 Martopoulos Spiridon - Toumpakaris Iakovos December 2010
  "Developing a web tourist guide application, using Web 2.0"
25 Kokkalis Ioannis February 2011
  "MAC level access methods and Quality of Service"
Case Study: Mobile ad-hoc Networks (MANETS)
26 Theodoridou Christina May 2011
  "Introduction in IT and Internet Law"
27 Nikolakopoulos Christos October 2011
  "Professional Internet Guide using Google API"
28 Passaras Nikolaos January 2012
  "Directory Service Application for TeiPir personnel, using LDAP"
29 Chourouzidou Helen June 2012
  "Application design and implementation for vehicles' services: Car Pooling"
30 Kontzopoulou Panagiota March 2013
  "Application design and implementation in the Clouds emphasising in tree structures"
31 Alexandris Ioannis December 2013
  "Cloud Computing Taxonomy"
32 Moumouris Nikolaos March 2015
  "Design and Implementation of an Administration Support System using Object Oriented Logic"
33 Vizianiaris Aristides - Farantatos Evangelos November 2016
  "Internet of Things (IoT): Architecture, Applications and Future Vision"

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